08 December 2018

Lavera - Glossy Lips - 09 Delicious Peach

unbezahlte Werbung | PR Sample
Hello sweethearts!
Have you ever heard of the brand Lavera? It's a German organic cosmetics brand that I really wanted to try out for a while. Luckily I was finally able to have a go at one of their products: The Glossy Lips lip gloss in 09 Delicious Peach. So today I'd love to talk to you about whether I liked it or not.

Price: 4,45€ 

The lip gloss contains 6,5 ml and has a beautiful peach color. I especially like the scent of this product: To me it smells like cookie dough - slightly sweet and delicious.
And I really like how it looks on me! The lip gloss has a nice finish and looks very natural with a hint of color. I think it suits my skin tone very well.
I also like the fact that it feels smooth on my lips and doesn't leave a sticky feeling. The consistency is creamy and light at the same time.

All in all I'm very happy with this lip gloss! I think it's great that it comes from an organic cosmetics brand and combines everything I need in such a product. The color is very nice and my lips feel very smooth and moisturized after applying.

What's your favorite lip product at the moment?

02 December 2018

Mary Kay - At Play Matte Liquid Lip Color - Hot Pink Platinum

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Hello sweethearts!
The fall has arrived I'm afraid. And by that I don't mean the beautiful sunny part of it but the ugly , cold & rainy one. So it's high time to bring back some color into our lives! And today I would like to show you a lip color from Mary Kay that definitely fits the criteria. 

Price: 15€ (available here)

The brand Mary Kay was kind enough to send me some of their new At Play Matte Liquid Lip Colors. They come in various shades and mine is called Hot Pink Platinum. Strangely enough, it only says Hot Pink on the packaging but it's listed with an added Platinum on their website (X Files music starts playing in the background).

And wow, wouldn't you agree that this color is indeed a hot pink? At first I wasn't sure if it would suit me but in the end I'm really loving it! It's a such a fun bright color that immediately draws attention.

I also like the creamy consistency of this product. It's easy to apply and it doesn't dry out my lips. It is a matte color but at the same time it looks slightly metallic - I don't know how they achieve this effect! But I'm definitely loving the result.

In the end I'm very happy with this lip color and I will continue using it.

How do you like this color? What's your favorite lip product at the moment?

30 November 2018

Übersicht der Adventskalender 2018 - täglich gewinnen!

Hallo ihr Lieben! 
Weihnachten steht bald vor der Tür und bei vielen Unternehmen fangen die obligatorischen Adventskalendergewinnspiele an. Ich habe mir gedacht, dass ich dieses Jahr eine Liste - nach dem Alphabet sortiert - anfertige, in der die Gewinnspiele + Links aufgeführt sind; die Liste wird immer wieder ergänzt und erneuert. So könnt ihr unkompliziert jeden Tag an allen Gewinnspielen mitmachen. 
Falls ich - oder ihr, ihr seid herzlich dazu eingeladen! - neue Adventskalendergewinnspiele finde, werde ich sie eintragen. Die Liste sollte also sehr lang werden! Ich würde mich freuen, wenn ihr mir bescheid gebt, falls ihr über solche Gewinnspiele stolpert, sodass ich sie hier eintragen kann. 
Ich wünsche allen viel Erfolg beim Gewinnen und schon einmal frohe Weihnachten ^.~ 


Christ (für die Schweiz) - ab 1.12 https://www.christ-swiss.ch/de/xmas 

Esprit - Weihnachtsgewinnspiel https://www.esprit.de/xmas/xmas-gewinnspiel 

Flughafen München - ab 1.12 https://munich-airport-xmas.de/ 



Mädchen Adventskalender - ab 1.12 https://www.maedchen.de/adventskalender 




Süddeutsche Zeitung - ab 1.12https://adventskalender.sueddeutsche.de/ 

Telekom - Adventsgewinnspiel https://interesse.telekom.de/advent 






25 November 2018

Rossmann #sfmbox - Schön für mich Box November 2018

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Hallo ihr Lieben,
heute möchte ich euch den Inhalt der Schön für mich Box November zeigen ♥ Ich hatte wieder ein bisschen Glück und kann dank dem Rossmann Newsletter, bei dem ein paar Boxen verlost wurden, eine in den Händen halten. Auch diesmal ist sie prall gefüllt mit richtig tollen Produkten.

3 von 10 enthaltenen Produkten sind von Rossmanns Eigenmarken. Eins davon ist ein schöner Highlighter von Rival de Loop, der mir für die Weihnachtszeit gut gefällt. Zudem ist eine Männer-Dusche - in Kooperation mit Lukas Rieger  - von ISANA beigelegt; den Duft empfand ich als sehr angenehm und habe das Ganze an den Bruder einer guten Freundin verschenkt. Das letzte Produkt sind Himbeeren in Zartbitter von enerBio, die es nicht mehr aufs Bild geschafft haben, weil sie so schnell aufgegessen wurden. 

Der Rest ist eine gute Mischung verschiedenster Marken - ganz besonders gefreut habe ich mich dabei über die Badekugel von Duschdas, weil ich unheimlich gerne bade. Auch die Aktivkohle Strips von Bioré wollte ich schon seit langem ausprobieren! Spoiler alert: Sie sind der Hammer.

Insgesamt finde ich den Inhalt sehr ansprechend. Die Mischung ist gut gelungen und ich kann mit ausnahmslos allen Produkten etwas anfangen. 

Wie gefällt euch die Box?

10 October 2018

bebe Zauberstift - Pretty Pink

unbezahlte Werbung, selbst gekauft 
Hello sweethearts!
Have you heard of the brand bebe? They have a wide range of different products designed for a younger target group. Their latest product is called Zauberstift which is 'magic pencil' in English. It's a lip care stick with a hint of color. When I spotted them in my drugstore I was a little curious so I bought the color Pretty Pink. And I wasn't disappointed!

Price: 2,95€

The stick is of a creamy consistency and very pleasant to apply, even if your lips are a little dry or chapped. The color is a light pink that goes very well with my pale complexion. What I especially like about this product is the fact that it's so incredibly moisturizing. My lips feel very soft and look lustrous. I am very happy with this combo and use it regularly.

All in all I love this 'magic pencil' a lot. There are also other color available so I will take a look at them in the future. It's a great combination of lip care and color.

How do you like this product?

02 October 2018

Alterra - Cushion Care Lipgloss - 01 Nude

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Hello sweethearts!
Today I would like to show you a new lip gloss that I've been using the last few days. It's by Alterra, a German organic cosmetics brand. I've had pleasant experiences with its products so far and so I was very excited to try something new. This lip gloss comes with a cushion and my color is called 01 Nude.

Price: 2,09€

Although the color looks quite powerful in the tube, it's very natural and light in reality. It makes my lips look shiny with a little tint of color. I also like the fact that this lip gloss feels smooth on the lips and doesn't leave a sticky feeling. It moisturizes very well and I can fully agree that it's a good lip care product.

All in all I'm really loving the result! It's very natural and my lips feel well taken care of, especially now when the cold winds are blowing and my skin starts to feel dry. This product is a good combination of color and care.

What is your favorite lip product? I'm looking for recommendations!  

30 September 2018

Nature Box - Shampoo, Hair Conditioner + Shower Gel

unbezahlte Werbung | PR Sample
Hello sweethearts!
Today I would like to talk about a new brand that has launched a couple of very interesting products. It is called Nature Box and they were kind enough to send me some samples to try. All products are vegan and made of cold-pressed oils. They contain no sulfate, silicon or parabene.
There are five different ranges you can buy, depending on the effects you would like to achieve. In Germany the products are available at Rossmann or dm drugstores.

Prices: Shampoo - 385 ml - 4,95€ | Hair Conditioner - 385 ml - 4,95€

I was send their shampoo made from Avocado oil. It's supposed to repair your hair and prevent the occurrence of split ends. Of all the products this one has the nicest smell, it's fresh and very pleasant. The shampoo itself leaves my hair soft, clean and manageable. I really like it! 

The hair conditioner smells very nicely of almonds. It's from a range of hair products that are supposed to give your hair more volume. I really like the fact that it makes my hair very smooth and leaves a faint smell of almonds behind.

Price: Shower Gel - 385 ml - 2,95€

Nature Box has 5 different kinds of shower gels and I was able to try two of them. The blue one is made from coconut oil and if you're a coconut lover this scent is like heaven for you; the green one is from avocado oil and the smell is simply divine. Overall I had a very pleasant shower experience with these products but they weren't very moisturizing in the end. My skin felt a little dry after showering. But I had similar experiences with most plant based shower products so far.

Have you ever heard of this brand? How do you like its design?