25 July 2018

L'Oréal Paris Tinted Lip Oil - 01 Jelly Peach

unbezahlte Werbung (selbst gekauft)

Hello sweethearts!
Yesterday I discovered a new lip oil from L'Oréal Paris in my favorite drugstore. It is available in 4 colors and after a few swatches on the back on my hand I decided to buy the shade 01 Jelly Peach.

Price: 9,95€ 

What I immediately liked about this product is its smell of peaches. Very yummy and absolutely fantastic, I'm really in love with it! The oil is not sticky and has a pleasant consistency. It turns slightly pink after applying and gives my lips a hint of color. The other shades that are available have a little glitter in them but this one doesn't. I especially like how this lip oil nourishes my lips and leaves them smooth.

I must say that I normally don't buy such expensive products but sometimes I just want to treat myself to something special. I really love this lip oil and I consider buying another shade in addition to mine.

What is your favorite lip product?

11 July 2018

Balea - Manuka Honig Stärkendes Shampoo + Spülung

unbezahlte Werbung (selbst gekauft)
Hello sweethearts,
as you might now I'm a huge fan of the German drugstore dm and its own brand Balea. They have products with a great quality for an astonishing low price. This time they released a new shampoo and conditioner with Manuka honey and I was very excited about these two. 

Price: both of them cost only 0,95€ each (shampoo contains 250ml & conditioner 200ml)

So this range is for damaged hair and contains no silicone. It's supposed to strengthen and repair your hair with a Manuka honey formula. I sincerely doubt there is any real Manuka honey in these products because that type of honey is insanely expensive. So I'm not really sure what a Manuka honey formula is exactly but the name definitely spiked my interest so congrats to the marketing team!

The shampoo and conditioner smell very nicely of honey. I have tried other Balea hair products before and have never been disappointed with them. And once again I had no reason to complain: The shampoo cleans my hair very well and the conditioner moisturizes it efficiently. I end up with soft, clean and manageable hair - and it still carries a subtle honey scent! 

I can not really tell if it repairs my damaged hair. My hair is very thin and has suffered from heat and curling. It recovers very slowly and I honestly think it simply needs to outgrow so I can cut off the damaged parts. But nonetheless these products moisturize my hair efficiently and I'm very satisfied with the result: My hair looks shiny and feels very smooth.

What's your favorite hair products?

09 July 2018

Revlon Colorstay Overtime - 350 Bare Maximum

unbezahlte Werbung | PR Sample
Hello sweethearts,
today I would like to show you another color from the Revlon Colorstay Overtime range. It's called 350 Bare Maximum and I kind of expected it to be a nude color but it turned out to be a pretty bronze. I must admit that I have never worn such a shade on my lips before so it was interesting to find out if such a color suits me.

The product consists of a lip color and a long lasting top coat. It promises 16 hours of comfortable color without touch-ups, not even after meals. I haven't worn the color for such a long period of time but I know from my experiences with another Revlon shade called 005 Infinite Raspberry that it does really survive a long evening of drinking, eating and talking (I have blogged about it *here*).

The color is a very shiny and sparkly bronze that doesn't look too bad on my lips. I always wear red or pink shades so trying out this one was a nice change! You can definitely check out this range, I really love its quality! It also has a nice variety of colors and there's definitely one you will fall in love with.
In Germany Revlon is available in Rossmann drugstores.

How do you like this lip color?

02 July 2018

Revlon Colorstay Overtime - 005 Infinite Raspberry

unbezahlte Werbung | PR Sample 
Hello sweethearts,
my brother has finally finished school and we had his prom last week! All of the family members were invited and I took the chance to wear my Revlon Colorstay Overtime Lipcolor in 005 Infinite Raspberry with my red dress. And I really liked the result!

The product consists of a lip color and a long lasting top coat. It promises 16 hours of comfortable color without touch-ups, not even after meals. I didn't really expect for it to last that long but in the end it totally did! I spent a whole evening - about 7 hours - talking, drinking and eating and my lips still had that wonderful dark pink shade on them afterwards. The top coat - that is responsible for an extra shiny touch - dried out after a while but the lip color stayed where it belonged. 

So you can imagine that I'm really happy about the product! I love the color and the fact that it really stays on your lips for a long time. I don't know if it survives full 16 hours because I haven't worn it for such a long period of time but I can say for sure that it worked amazingly for the 7 hours that I had it on.

In Germany the brand Revlon is available in Rossmann drugstores. 

How do you like this lip color?

25 June 2018

Orphica Touch - Hand Cream + Peeling

unbezahlte Werbung | PR Sample
Hello sweethearts,
today I would like to talk about the brand Orphica. Have you ever heard of it? They were kind enough to send me their hand cream + hand peeling to try out and I loved both products immensely! 

The hand cream is enriched with an intense moisture formula to regenerate and nourish skin. Such creams normally leave an oily residue on my skin and absorb very slowly. But this one doesn't! The cream is rich and smells like peaches. It's very moisturizing and my skin feels incredibly soft after applying it. Thank God it absorbs very quickly so I can continue working with my hands merely seconds after using the cream. 
In the following photo you can see a small blob of the cream on the right and the peeling on the right.

The peeling is amazing! It consists of a foam with red peeling grains. They are very soft but also effective at the same time. What I like about this product the most is that the peeling is not aggressive nor are the grains sharp or uncomfortable. My skin doesn't feel too dry afterwards and my hands are very smooth, I certainly feel that dead cells were removed effectively. And the peeling has the same peachy smell as the hand cream! I really love that!

In the end I was surprised how much I have come to love these products. The cream and peeling are absolutely amazing and worth their price. Everything is available on the brand's website Orphica.com.

What is your favorite hand cream? Do you have any reccomendations?

14 June 2018

Eyenlip - Hyaluronic Acid Moisture essence mask

Hello sweethearts!
As you know I'm a huge fan of Korean face masks. I discovered them a couple of years ago on ebay and haven't stopped loving them since then! I have tried masks you can buy at German drugstores but my skin hated them all :/ I either had an allergic reaction or my skin felt dry and looked red. So in the end I always buy Korean brands and have never been disappointed! I don't know what magic ingredients they use but my skin always feels so smooth and nice after using them.

This time I wanted to try the masks of a new brand called Eyenlip. The second I saw the packaging I was absolutely in love! It looks way too cute. So I ordered a couple of them on ebay and wow, I never thought I would fall in love so hard. Today I would like to review the Hyaluronic Acid mask.

What I really like about the Eyenlip masks is the fact that the sheet is soaked with essence! It's literally dripping as you can see on the second picture. Other masks slowly start drying after 10 minutes but this one is still wet even after 20!

The mask has nice scent I can't really describe. It has a creamy note but overall I wouldn't consider it a fake or an overwhelming smell. 
One thing I like about this mask is that it fits my face shape best so far. Normally such a mask is quite huge but this one seems to have realistic proportions. I leave it on for about 20 minutes and my skin feels incredible afterwards. It's smooth and I can see that it was moisturized really well. The essence is absorbed very quickly and doesn't leave sticky residue. I don't even need to use facial cream afterwards.

All in all I'm in love with this mask! It has become my absolute favorite. 

What kind of masks do you prefer?

11 June 2018

Meine liebsten Sonnenschutzprodukte - Garnier Kids Sensitive, SunOzon Sonnengel, Sundance Sonnenspray

unbezahlte Werbung, da Markennennung (selbst gekauft)
Hallo ihr Lieben!
Da der Sommer endlich bei uns angekommen ist und es für viele bald in wohl verdienten Urlaub geht, wollte ich die Gelegenheit nutzen und ein paar Sonnenschutzprodukte vorstellen, die ich sehr ins Herz geschlossen habe. 

Meine unangefochtene Nummer 1 ist dabei die Kids Sensitive Expert + Wet Skin Lotion von Garnier Ambre Solaire. Mit 8,95€ das teuerste Produkt unter meinen Favoriten, dafür hat es jedoch einen LSF von 50 und bietet zusätzlichen Schutz gegen langwelliges UVA. Ich benutze es am liebsten im Gesicht und meiner empfindlichen Haut ist bisher selbst bei stärkstem Sonnenlicht ein Sonnenbrand erspart geblieben. Kleiner Nachteil ist, dass die Creme einen Fettfilm hinterlässt, der erst nach ca. 30 Minuten vollständig einzieht. 

Wer den Glanz und das meist damit verbundene unangenehm klebrige Gefühl auf der Haut nicht mag, dem sei das SunOzon Sonnengel von Rossmann empfohlen (3,99€). Das Gel hat einen LSF von 30, zieht nicht nur superschnell ein, sondern fühlt sich beim Auftrag auch noch schön kühl an. Ich verwende das Gel für meine Beine und generell für Körperteile, an die die Sonne nicht so leicht rankommt.

Zum Schluss etwas Praktisches: Das Sonnenspray 50 von Sundance ist super von der Bedienung her, einfach sprühen und eincremen. Spart viel Zeit und man kann sofort ins Wasser. Ich benutze das Spray für meine Schultern und Arme, also für Stellen, die der Sonne besonders stark ausgesetzt sind. Auch dieses Produkt hinterlässt einen Fettfilm, schützt aber zuverlässig.

Welche Sonnenschutzprodukte benutzt ihr am liebsten? Habt ihr Empfehlungen?