13 March 2020

Baginning online shop for bags

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Hello sweethearts!
Today I would like to introduce Baginning to you - it's an online shop where you can buy bags. I took a look at their website and I was thrilled to see so many different styles and colors!

Some interesting info about this online shop:
  • worldwide shipping is free (express shipping is from 15$ to 25$)
  • standard delivery time is from 7 to 21 days
  • return policy: you can return your bags within 30 days after the order was placed
Baginning also has a Fur Free Policy. Their products do not contain real fur and they don't use feathers, leather, skins or any other materials sourced from animals. I think this is noteworthy and I support this standing.

They have multiple categories of bags - the first category I want to introduce to you is small backpack.

What I really like about this shop is the huge variety: There are so many designs available and you can get great backpacks for affordable prices. You can discover the many types the shop is offering - from a cute backpack to an elegant one. No matter what your style is, you will find a matching backpack for sure.

What is your favourite backpack from the 4 on the picture above? I really like the first and last one!

What I also like are their clear backpacks! Baginning offers different styles, colours and sizes. I think they are very stylish and definitely an eye-catcher. Would you wear such a backpack?

What is your favourite backpack from the 8 I have shown in the post? 

I really love the 4th small one -- it reminds me of a Chanel bag -- and the pink clear backpack. 

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